Veeam Data Platform 23H2 Update – Radically Resilient

Every day, attackers are infiltrating networks, destroying key systems, and holding data for ransom. With so many attack vectors, strong security and clear communication has never been so important for IT Operations and Security teams alike. Backups are your last line of defense, and Veeam provides the confidence you need to make a stand against cyberattacks

Join us to discover some of the many key technical capabilities in Veeam Data Platform 23H2. As we walk through and highlight these industry-leading features, we’ll cover the technology behind them as well as what the real-world impact and value is for customers.

Topics will include:

  • In-line malware detection, allowing you to bring detection closer to the time of attack
  • Recovery with the confidence that you will avoid re-infecting your network
  • Measuring your compliance goals and security posture using the Veeam Threat Center

Watch the webinar

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